Blood groups interactive

The Rhesus factor

Having found out about the ABO-system blood transfusions went a lot better. Still some patients died during the transfusion. Years later scientist found another blood antigene on the blood => The Rhesus Antigene

All humans have the Rhesus-Factor(Antigene) or they don‘t. Humans with the Rhesus-Factor are called „Rhesus positive (Rh+)“ or „Rhesus negative (Rh-)“.

Giving Rh+ blood to Rh- Patients makes the blood clot too, as the body builds antibodies against the Rh+ blood.

Blood typing

On the red blood cells are structures, called antigens. Type A carries Antigen A, Type B carries Antigen B, Type AB carries Antigen A and B.

The body produces antibodies against the antigens not on its own blood cells.

Mixing the wrong blood types will make the blood clot.